Strawberry runners!
Plant now for summer!

ripening strawberries mulched with a sheet of plastic

Everything I know about planting garlic

Everything I’ve learned about getting a successful garlic harvest in the ground.

Planting leeks

It’s time to plant leeks! There’s a bit of a trick to harvesting a good leek, so I thought I’d take a moment to show you how.

The giant compost pile

When life gives you organic matter, make compost.

Xeronema callistemon (Poor Knight’s Lily)

How I fell in love with and acquired a new native plant for my collection.

5 veges you can grow without screwing up

My top-5 most fool-proof vegetables that anyone can grow?

Things I wish I knew when I had a container garden

A decade ago, I started on my gardening journey in a collection of pots on an inner-city balcony. Here are the things I wish I knew then.

My favourite herbs

A look into how I grow, and cook with a selection of some of the herbs growing at The Outpost.

How does the garden grow?

A spring update from the garden.

Interpreting my soil test

After receiving my soil test results, I’ve spent some time interpreting the results, and thinking about how I can amend the soil to be its best.

Taking soil samples

I decided to get a soil test done on my garden. This week, I’m taking soil samples and sending them away to the lab.

Down the garden path

Paths are a perhaps overlooked, at yet very important part of the garden. Here’s a look at my trials (and errors).

The eggless chickens

Every year about this time, our chickens stop laying eggs. Each year I swear I'll be ready for it the next, but it always, always seems to catch me by surprise. One day we'll look in the cupboard and there's no eggs. Our supply is dry. It's part of a natural cycle....

Garden time

A bed-by-bed tour of the winter vege garden.

Garlic growing 2021: the experiments

Each year I experiment with new garlic varieties to see if they’re worth adding to my “garlic collection”. This year I’m trying 3: Russian Red, Spanish Red, and Kakanui.

Garden of smiles

I’m slowly learning plants don’t have to be “useful” to be worthwhile. So this week, I planted a flower garden just to put a smile on my face.

The roosters

A couple of months ago, we welcomed some new chickens, and now the roosters are crowing.

Animal tales part 3

Our lives are made richer by the creatures we share The Outpost with. Every so often I write out some short stories about them. This is the third post in that series.

The lazy woman’s garden

I’m getting lazy and spending less time in the garden. But we’re still harvesting fresh food regularly. How? I’m letting nature do the gardening for me.

A slew of updates

Generally, I blog about what’s new, and what’s going on right now. Today, I’m looking back and providing some updates on stuff from the past 2 years.

The value of the bush

Musings on what value we place on our native forest remnants.