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Where are the avocados?

We have a lot of trees at The Outpost, but we don’t have any avocado. It’s not just because we’re saving to build a house.

Planting peanuts

I’m feeling more on top of things in the garden, so I’m growing something new.

My happy place

3 years ago I wrote about my frustration at my new garden. Today, it is my happy place.

Paying for my cow’s farts

How will the proposed agricultural emissions scheme affect my little farm and tiny cattle herd?

Vegetables that pay off

All things considered, what vegetables deliver the best returns on investment in the garden?

Five trees you’ll find at The Outpost

A tree that can grow 6 meters in a year; another that you can wash your clothes with. A guide to a few of our trees.

Tidying the berry house

The berries are flowering, so it’s time to secure the berry house against birds. If only it were that simple!

A mid-season update on the garlic

After last year’s disaster season, how is the garlic growing in 2022?

The shopping spree

I spent my 40th birthday buying and planting trees. 16 year old me would be horrified.

Why I don’t keep bees

You’d think with so much native bush (and with more trees planted each year), we might put in a few bee hives at The Outpost. But we won’t be. Here’s why.

Vegetables that pay off

All things considered, what vegetables deliver the best returns on investment in the garden?

Gran Shirley’s Sally Lunn

We’ve got too many potatoes so I’m looking for new ways to use them. Turns out, a Sally Lunn is a pretty excellent way to use them.

Citrus meringue pie

A light and deceptively simple dessert that can be made in a range of flavour combinations depending on what’s available and what sounds yum!

Harvesting and storing potatoes

We eat a lot of potatoes, so we grow a lot of potatoes. Here’s how we harvest and store them to feed us through winter.

End of season update on the Square Foot Garden

A round up of what went right (and too right!) in the Square Foot Garden this season.

Autumn in the vege garden

I haven’t been very attentive to my garden lately, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be eating out of it in the coming months.

Garlic and rosemary salt

I’m always looking for ways to use and store my garlic. Garlic salt is one of my favourites. The addition of rosemary really makes it pop!

It’shallot of shallots

Shallots are one of the easiest things I grow in my garden, with an excellent rate of return.

An update on the Square Foot Garden

A few months ago I revealed my plans for a square foot garden. So, how are those plans going?

Inside the gardening bucket

A look at the tools and equipment inside my yellow gardening bucket.

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