Seeds galore, now in store!

Giant Leaf Basil Seeds

How does the garden grow?

A spring update from the garden.

Interpreting my soil test

After receiving my soil test results, I’ve spent some time interpreting the results, and thinking about how I can amend the soil to be its best.

Taking soil samples

I decided to get a soil test done on my garden. This week, I’m taking soil samples and sending them away to the lab.

Garlic Bread

A simple garlic and herb bread recipe.

How to learn how to grow stuff

So you want to learn to grow stuff? Here are my favourite gardening resources to follow and learn from.

Growing fresh food from kitchen ingredients

Even if you can’t buy seeds, you can still grow a lot with common kitchen and supermarket ingredients.

Controlling garden pests without visiting a garden centre

So you’ve planted a pandemic garden – and now the snails are attacking! What can you do without leaving your house?

9 things to grow in a pandemic

In the middle of a pandemic, what can you grow to keep you and your family fed and healthy this winter?

Should I buy seeds, or seedlings?

When should you use seeds, and when can you get away with a few seedlings?

Sowing seeds for transplant

Need to get some seeds growing indoors in trays? Here’s some tips from my garden.

Hello, new cows

The story of how we got our new angus-cross heifers: Taco, Nacho, Burrito, Goulash, Meatball, and Meatloaf.

A buttload of mulch

I got an offer I couldn’t refuse: a giant ball of mouldy hay.

Makin’ bacon

When life gives you a pig, make bacon!

The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be…

Roxy is the newest addition to The Outpost. This is the story of how she came to live with us.

Animal tales, part 2

Nature gets very random when given the chance. Some more animal tales from The Outpost.

Saying goodbye

Our cows are ready to sell, and the market is good. But it’s still hard to say goodbye to the livestock we’ve looked after for 12 months.

A trip around the sun on The Outpost

We’ve been living at The Outpost for a year. I look back at what we’ve achieved, and give a few updates to previous blogs.

The garlic bed

An update on how the garlic is growing, and how you can help your own crop do well this year.

Our chicken coop

After I decided I was ready for chickens, I had to find them a house. 3 years down the track, I evaluate how I did.

The catnip swale

The story of Kat’s Nip and working out how to grow enough to supply demand.