Kat's Nip

is Sold Out (for now) 

I am sold out! I’m sorry about that – I sold 4 times as much this year as I did last year, and most of those sales came over a single weekend. It’s clear Kiwi kitties are pretty fond of the occasional wake’n’bake.

Rest assured, I am probably out right now planting or tending to my catnip plants, and willing them to be ready for harvest. I harvest at the point in the growing cycle where the essential oils are at their highest – it’s part of the reason this stuff is so good. Unfortunately, I can’t rush it.

Usually, we get our first harvest in October/November, with a second in January/February. Then it can take up to a month before it’s ready for sale.

I’m planning to dramatically increase my production this year, but like everything I sell, it’s seasonal and strictly limited.

Super Purrwerful Catnip

Spray-free catnip (Nepeta cataria) leaves. Grown over summer 2019-2020 in Orotere, Northland.

Catnip is named due to the effect it has on felines – even lions and tigers have been recorded partaking in the occasional wake and bake. Cats will eat and roll around on catnip to achieve a ‘high’ that will last between 2 and 20 minutes.

While blazed, your cat may become hyper, or they may chill out and relax. The exact effects seem to differ from cat to cat.

Once the buzz wears off, cats then have a natural period where they will not react to catnip. I recommend spacing doses by at least a day to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Up to 1 in 3 cats may not respond to catnip. But cats previously thought to have been immune have shown interest in Kat’s Nip. I suspect this is because the leaves are freshly dried, and provided as whole leaves (not crushed).

Crushing the leaves releases the essential oils, and this is where the active ingredient is found. When you buy crushed catnip products, the essential oils have already been released, making it more or less cabbage.

This may account for why your cat hasn’t been interested in the past: you haven’t provided the dank dank.

Kat’s Nip is tried and tested on dozens of kiwi kitties. At least 4 instances of cats attacking the mail pile have been recorded so far. If your furry pal is going to react to catnip, they will react to this. This is the good stuff.

Kat and one of her cats

Hi! I’m Kat. I grow, harvest, and dry my catnip by hand to give your furry pals the best possible euphoric experience.

My catnip is grown on my lifestyle block near the Bay of Islands. One of the reasons I grow it is to attract bees to my garden – so there are no insecticides on this catnip!

Our three cats love this stuff, and after sharing it with my friends, we noticed a lot of cats love it too. So here I am, sharing it with all Kiwi cats!

Available in two sizes

4.2g bag ($12)

Contains around 15 servings.

Note: refunds are not available if your cat is immune to catnip.

1g Sampluur Baggie ($4)

Contains 3-4 serves.

If you’re not sure whether your cat will react to catnip, this smaller bag will help you find out.