About Kat’s Garden

In 2017, I moved to a dairy farm in Waipu, New Zealand with my partner. There, I began creating gardens in a corner of a paddock.

I studied horticulture and New Zealand native plants; adopted some cats; and started selling, of all things, dried catnip.

In 2019, we moved onto our very own little slice of paradise in the Far North, between Kerikeri and Kaeo. Here, we want to build a happy life and live off our own slice of paradise.

Meet the Family

Kat and Richard met on Tinder in 2016. After a year of long-distance romance, they moved into their first shared home in Waipu in 2017. In 2019, they packed up their entire life into a 20ft container, and took their cats and chickens to move 2 hours further north.

Richard is a small-motor mechanic, which means he’s in charge of all the machines. Having him around means things get done a little quicker.

His special talent is the ease with which he has with all animals. Kat calls him Doctor Doolittle, and it’s one of the reasons she fell for him.

Samurai, aka Sam, aka King Sam, aka ‘The Big One’ is a former feral kitten who we found under a car on the farm in Waipu, and the first member of the zoo to join us. 

Sam has since grown into a monster and is occasionally mistaken for a possum. He likes sleeping in dirty laundry, and disappearing before his curfew.

Sabre got her name by taking a chunk out of Kat’s finger when she was young. She was found under a house on death’s door. A fairly significant vet bill later, we had two kittens.

Over time, this anxious kitty has become a homebody, giving some of the best hugs around. She is Kat’s Nip’s biggest fan, and often gets to the source before Kat has a chance to harvest it.

Patu, aka fart-bum, aka ‘the little one’ was the last to join our brood.

He was originally caught by our neighbour in the milking shed, but later started sneaking into our house for biscuits, and eventually moved himself in.

Patu enjoys climbing poles, chasing chickens, and attacking Kat’s hands as she gardens.

Bunbun is our resident lawnmower and the most well-kept rabbit in Orotere.

Samurai bought Bunbun home in 2019. At the time, Bunbun was pretty young and in full health. Faced with either releasing a pest to come back and eat my garden, or killing a healthy baby rabbit, we naturally bought Bunbun a 2 story rabbit mansion and employed him as a lawnmower.

Despite warnings that wild rabbits don’t take well to domestication, Bunbun is the friendliest rabbit I’ve ever met. He enjoys chamomile, bean leaves, calendula, plantain and clover. He hates silverbeet.

At this point in time we have 4 chooks – Lady Gaga, Judith, Metiria, and Cindy.

Each chicken is named after a strong woman and can be identified by a coloured leg-ring.

Judith (blue) is most likely to peck you, Lady Gaga (pink) is Kat’s favourite. Metiria (green) lays the bung eggs and then eats them. Cindy is the most likely to bully the ducks.

In early 2020, Lady Gaga should hatch some new chicks. If we get roosters, they’ll be named after drag queens.


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