Last year I grew so many leeks. It felt like it took forever for them to get to an edible size, but once they did, this dish was regularly on the menu.

You can use the entire leek (except for about a centimetre at either end). It’s a myth you can’t eat the green bit. You can, and I think it’s delicious. We make this recipe using about 50/50 from each end of the leek.

This recipe, as far as I know, was made up by my mother, Marilyn. She hid all kinds of vegetables under it when I was growing up – it goes great with broccoli and cauliflower too – but undoubtedly my favourite was cheesy leeks.

So rather than blather on for another 9 paragraphs, here’s the recipe!


125g sliced leek

75g cream cheese (Anchor brand seems to work best)

25g grated cheese

Pepper to taste


Cover sliced leek with water in a saucepan. This can be done well in advance and left. The leek will need to be boiled for 7-10 minutes and drained well before serving.

Combine cream cheese, grated cheese and pepper in a microwave-proof bowl.

Microwave the sauce for 1 minute on HIGH and stir with a chopstick. Repeat.

The sauce should be well combined and creamy. If not, microwave for a further 30 seconds on HIGH.

Both the leeks and the sauce need to be hot when combined. Put the cooked leek into the cheese sauce and stir together to save yourself a messy dish.