This week it’s rained every single day. Last week it rained most days. We actually got our full month’s average rainfall in the first 5 days of February. Anything we get now is ‘bonus rain’.

Usually I’m stoked about rain. We had some friends visit us from Auckland over the holidays. When we were looking at the weather forecast, they were sad about rain, concerned about how it would affect their plans. Richard and I were pretty happy. Our plants would be happy. Rain is wonderful when you live in the country.

But right now I’d really like a break. And I think the dogs would agree with me. My laundry bag is stuffed full and I need a sunny day to get it done. The air is humid and swampy. The grass desperately needs mowing, and we’re beginning to lose our paths beneath it.

All week we’ve had this misty rain. It’s wet, but it’s not really what you’d call raining. It’s near-constant. The weather monitor takes hours to inch up the tiniest bit.

It’s uncomfortable. Any time I have to go do something outside, a mist of rain coats my skin and mixes with sweat. I come back inside drenched and slimy. I’ve taken great pleasure in cold showers this week.

I’m not complaining (well, maybe the tiniest bit). Rain in February is great! Regular rain instead of a single dump is even better! I can see the grass growing. The cracks in the soil are disappearing. The garden is easy to dig.

But my tomatoes are all splitting and I can’t harvest herbs to dry when they’re wet. I’ve got to get my winter’s supply of Agria potatoes out. They need to be dry when we lift them.

I just need something that isn’t constant rain, or blazing hot sun. A nice breezy overcast day or four would be brilliant. There are things to be getting on with, and this weather just will not do.